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Welcome to the OPUS Projektor Manual

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If you are new to the <%PROGRAM_NAME>, the best starting point is the Quick Start Tutorial.


You can also read the help in PDF format:




If you haven't downloaded the OPUS Projektor already, you can do that here.


New content for this version


Navigation Events




Many useful changes like:


Folders in the JavaScripts category

Granular options for project versioning

Project coloring

and much more...


Release Notes

Here you will find the release notes for the latest version of the <%PROGRAM_NAME>.


i.MX 35 Support

Due to necessary internal changes in the device software, this version does not support i.MX 35 devices anymore. Projects for i.MX 35 devices can still be developed in version 2022.4.

Projects for i.MX 35 devices can be opened and a project conversion is offered to one of the supported device types.


Version check!

Starting with version 2020.4, a version check is implemented in the PClient. Only if the major and minor version of the used development version and PClient version are the same, the project will be loaded. Otherwise a red warning screen will be shown that informs of the version discrepancy.


Important disclaimer!

Please note that for i.MX6 devices, installing the OS 2.x will prohibit a downgrade back to OS 1.x!

Once an OS 2.x is installed, there is currently no way to downgrade back to OS 1.x!


Limitations in the demo version

The demo version is limited to the creation of up to 2 pages and up to 5 user-defined variables.

Additional pages or variables cannot be created.

If a project is opened that exceeds one of these limitations, the project can not be downloaded to the device.

Read here how to get a license!



Modification of images

It is not a good idea to modify images that are already located in the \original_images (bad idea) or the \terminal_files (very bad idea) sub-folders of your project folder.

If you want to modify images, please do so externally in another folder, and then drag & drop the image over the image you want to replace in the Images node in the project tree.

Modifying the images in \terminal_files will lead to the deletion of them with the next save, because the program will realize that the image check sum isn't correct anymore, so it will re-generate the image.

Modifying the images in \original_images can lead to synchronization problems because the images are not refreshed "live", so the program will not show the modified image right away, which can lead to confusion.


Known issues

- GIF files can only be used as Image to Display for Picture Graphic objects, but not as background, needle, border etc. images

- For devices with multi touch, buttons should not be put too close together, especially for contrary functionalities (up/down or plus/minus). With distances < 1.5 cm a second press can sometimes not be recognized as such but will instead be registered as a false coordinate for the first finger, resulting in an unwanted release for the first button.

- Properties of objects should not excessively be changed before the modifications were actually seen on the screen.

- H.264 Ethernet camera streams might be buggy after returning from sleep mode


All rights reserved, including translation.

No part of this operating manual may be reproduced, in any form, (print, photocopy, microfilm, or a different process), nor may it be processed, duplicated, or distributed using electronic systems, without written permission of the creator and distributor of the manual.


All previous versions are rendered obsolete with publication of this manual.

All information contained herein is subject to correction, manufacturer is not liable for any errors in this material.


This manual has 149 chapters with ~187.000 words and 758 images.

Last change: 2023/12/14, revision 1273.

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- additional info added to UT Plugin page

- Program preperation page added to quick start tutorial

- Unit settings page added to welcome project documentation

- new gauge screen added to welcome project documentation

- ISO UT pages in welcome project documentation added

- Sample projects documentation added

- project coloring added to user interface

- updated crash report screenshot and information added

- some wrong topic links fixed

- updated Welcome Project pages documentation added

- UT Plugin page added

- JavaScript folders information added

- Commit options added

- new start page documented

- Navigation Events page added

- Watchdog page added

- new welcome project content added

- new event OnCancel added

- Search Tips & Tricks added

- new and changed welcome project screens added

- possibility to bulk-delete CAN mappings added in user interface

- validation information for J1939 DM1/2 translation files added

- language project properties updated with new functionality

- adjusted max. object width / height to 2 * max. device resolution

- new chapter Image Pool in User Interface

- new event OnValidStateChange

- video mirror information corrected and example images added

- Several small improvements

- Rounding up of power management timeout variables added to documentation

- New events OnProjektInitFinished and OnPageInitFinished

- New reporting features added

- JS function setVariableValid added

- Heartbeat page added to Welcome Project (2.3.9) documentation

- FAQ about PDF reader added

- known problem added

- remark about camera frame size and position added

- new screenshots for Welcome Project 2.3.1

- audio options in events and actions corrected

- copy buttons added in key/ encoder color page in Welcome Project

- New pages low power times and alarm logging in Welcome Project

- Error -93 in Updater FAQ for Ethernet transfer

- variable list updated

- multi touch added to known issues

- FAQ about screenshots added

- constraints of using GIF files added, incl. FAQ and known issues

- Updater CLI documentation added

- tradeshow dashboard added

- New screenshot for new themes

- Introduced text variables for pre-defined variables chapter device descriptions

- Update of Ethernet FAQ

- Updated some screenshots for updater settings in welcome project

- New screenshot for DayNight

- OS/PClient update with partition in update manual

- New splash for pdf manual

- Icon reference in welcome project added

- New chapter for project search

- New chapter for versioning system

- New chapter for undo-redo

- New page multi language in Welcome Project

- Added font FAQ

- Added documentation for rsc JS command

- Corrections in variable logging chapter

- Touch Input property for list objects documentation added

- list object documentation improved

- runSystemCommand function added

- documentation for openPDFReader JS function added

- EEPROM page added to welcome project documentation

- CANopen PDO page added to welcome project documentation

- info about rtsp availability

- updated tour link

- known issues added on welcome page



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