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Release Notes

In this chapter you will find the release notes with the latest changes of the current version of the <%PROGRAM_NAME>.


Release Notes for OPUS

Projektor Distribution - 2023.4.4

(This document was generated automatically)


Attention: Please read this document and all the

documents provided in the folder \manuals carefully!

Using this software for combinations other than those set out in this document

or delivered by online update may cause problems and damages for which we

cannot accept any liability. The use of the software for any purpose other than

those approved by us is at a sole responsibility of your company and should

therefore be adequately trialled in advance by means of suitable tests and

other checks.

Opus Projektor 2023.4.4

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2023.4.4

PClient 2023.4.4



Projektor 2023.4.4


- ImageList: Fixed possible internal exception. (PRJEXT-6741)

- Scene: Fixed possible exception in 'AlignWithMoveStrategy'. (PRJEXT-6576)

- Scene/Flex-Converter: Fixed calculation of the size of children inside a button

if property 'Draw Shadow' is enabled.

- VCS: Now a warning dialog is shown if 'index.lock' already exists

and is blocked by another application (i.e. OneDrive) during load/save.


- JS: Enhanced error management for opened/modified JS files which are

removed on the file system. If the file can not be saved a warning dialog will

be shown now. (PRJEXT-5789, PRJEXT-5788, PRJEXT-5203, PRJEXT-3800,


- Undo: Fixed possible exception during Undo which tries to open a page and

select the involved object in the scene. (PRJEXT-6543)

- Clipboard: Fixed possible exception for unsupported/unknown objects in the

clipboard. (PRJEXT-6371, PRJEXT-6109)

- J1939 DM1/DM2: Fixed possible exception in the DM1/DM2 settings dialog.


- Project-Tree: Fixed overwriting object name if another object is selected during

inline name editing.

- Project-Tree: Now warnings of ECUs are shown in the project tree.

- CAN-Protocols: In the Event sheet of ECUs the name of the variable for 'Set

Value' actions are now shown properly.

- Save: Now the creation date won't be saved for zip files during save anymore.

So the checksum does not change for zip files with the same content.

PClient 2023.4.4


- Introduce new variables @minFreeRAM and @onlyKeepShownImagesInRAM.


- Fix problems regarding asian fonts.

- Fix crash when trying to load an invalid ISOBUS pool regarding asian fonts.

- Fix that variables with certain index were not properly added to DEI and could

therefore not be used.

- Fix that changes to @SettingsDecimalSymbol were only visible after a page


- CAN key remote settings: Fix reading of the Encoder CAN ID from settings


- Fix possible crash when entering a page with an invisible camera frame.

- UT-Plugin: Various bug fixes and stability improvements.

- Fix possible crash in Windows simulation when PEAK CAN was enabled in the

simulation settings but no PEAK USB dongle was connected.

- Fix that the invalid pattern of gauge object is not properly displayed.

- Fix possible crash if multiple list objects share the same background image.



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2023.4.2

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2023.4.2

PClient 2023.4.2



Projektor 2023.4.2


- Project load: Fixed possible exception during load for orphaned objects with

Language dependency.(PRJEXT-6009, PRJEXT-6035)

PClient 2023.4.2


- VKB: Fixed that VKB does not opened for Numeric Fields.(PRJEXT-6036)



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2023.4.1

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2023.4.1

PClient 2023.4.1



Projektor 2023.4.1


- Projects of G1 devices (A3, A6G1) can now loaded and converted to a new

device type.

- Updated 'Navigation Scripts'.


- Graph Object: Fixed a bug in 'Variables to draw' dialog of the Graph object.

Now it is possible to updated the property values of a assigned variable.

- New Project Wizard: Fixed error messages which appears if an ISOBus

Sample project was created in 'New Project' wizard.

- Toolbar: Fixed a bug which leads to missing toolbar icons (i.e. Save Project)

- VCM: Fixed a logic bug for the buttons 'Move Up' and 'Move Down' in

ConfigureMapping dialog.

- VCS: Improved handling of broken Git-Repositories.

PClient 2023.4.1


- Input: Avoid crash on 'long press' if object gets deleted with 'press'.

- Input: Redesigned touch handling to be consistent when using multi-touch.

- String display: Don't switch line if another font is used to display a character.

With 'autowrap' enabled that could happen where hyphen was added.

- Z-order: Maintain consistent z-order when editing lists and showing/hiding

multiple alarms. Before a button of an alarm sometimes didn't trigger its action

anymore while it still worked via the 'ESC' key.

- Navigation: Prevent triggering long press events in case the event source

disappears - e.g. because changing page 'on press'. This also prevents crashes

caused by trying to access the removed object. Additionally navigation now

checks validity of object pointer before forwarding events.

- Make touch press/release symmetric in navigation - i.e. both get forwarded

to the touched object, even if it is a softkey. Before only one of them was

forwarded if navigation did something else with the event and softkeys were

excluded as they are not considered 'inputs' (they typically cannot get focus).

- Navigation: Generally re-design touch evaluation to better find e.g. buttons

behind containers and avoid crashes on multi-press of multiple buttons.

- Alarms: Fix detection whether an alarm is already open or not. Use the

existing one instead of opening again.

- UT-Plugin: UT secondary views can now also be used via encoder (switch

pool by changing value, toggle with primary view by double press). Note that

this is of limited use if there is a primary view visible on the page as that will

keep focus.

- UT-Plugin: UT views get their navigation border drawn now. Note that this

could reduce the data mask size reported on ISOBUS. Should consider NOT

drawing the border if there is only one big primary view on the page which

anyways keeps focus.

- Simulation: In Windows simulation the built-in UT VKB is now shown for UTplugin

projects. Before non of the VKBs worked for this project type.

- Fixed crash if an image cannot be found.

- Fonts: Do not change line on dash character with some fonts.

- Graph Widget: Values are displayed again at the cursor of graph objects.



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2023.4.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2023.4.0

PClient 2023.4.0



Projektor 2023.4.0


- UT-Plugin

- B2 (prototype) support.

- Configurable Navigation. See manual for more information.

- Pages and JS files are now colored in the tab panel. Each project has its own

color for an easier indentification.

- JavaScript: Subfolders are now supported and are shown in the Project tree.

- Search: Improved search for @Visiblility variables.

- VCS: Now commits can be done independently of save. Added now commit

options in Tool - Options - Versioning.

- Look And Feels: Removed 'Metal' and 'System' theme.


- Save: Enhanced save process. If files can not be written properly e.i. when

a file is blocked by another application a dialog is shown and the save can


- Scene: Fixed possible endless loop for reference copies.

- Scene: Fixed possible exception on the 'Scene' if multiple items in List are

deleted. (PRJEXT-4323)

- Project-Tree: Fixed possible disabled 'Delete' entry in the context menu.

- Project-Tree: Fixed exception which occurs if i.e. 2 JavaScript/Image files are

moved in the tree.(PRJEXT-5142)

- CAN: Now a same ecu name can be used in diffrent protocols.

- CAN: Fixed possible exception in Visual CAN Mapping view while deleting a

Variable Mapping.(PRJEXT-3976)

- Tool Settings: Fixed exception which occurs while checking the 'proxy

settings'. (PRJEXT-3811)

- Image Library: Fixed possible exception if an image was added to 'Favourites'

the first time.

- Image Library: Fixed possible exception if image folder are deleted while


- Symbol Library: Fixed an exception which occurs if a folder of the library

contains unsupported images. (PRJEXT-5432)

- Property-Sheet: Fixed possible exception if Variable editor is opened.


- Tools: Updated 7zip version to 19.00.

- Version-Handler: Fixed possible 'IndexOutOfBoundsException in Revision


- Project-Properties: Added missing category Hardkey-Settings for B4/B6.

- Active-Project is now recognized properly if several projects are opened and a

JS tab is selected.

- 2D-Graph: Fixed saving 'Line Attributes'.

- 2D-Graph: Added new property 'Refresh Cycle Time'. With this property the

refresh cycle time in milliseconds can be set (how often the widget repaints its


- Project-Conversion: Fixed exception if target folder already exists.

- Visual CAN Mapping: CANopen: Fixed that variables can overlap each other.

- Scene: Fixed possible NullPointerException in 'Inplace Editor'. (PRJEXT-5587)

PClient 2023.4.0


- Introduced a 'Watchdog' for PClient.

- Improved cold boot time.

- Modernization and improvement of PClient and WEapi code and interfaces.

- Complete rework of the GUI implementation. Make use of graphics hardware


- Further improvements of navigation scripts. Home and escape keys can now

be configured individually.

- Cleanup of PClient configuration files. Move CAN remote options into separate



- CANopen: Fixed that PDOs are accepted which are too short.

- Fixed crash which occurs if property 'Input Character Attribute' is set for

'Language' dependent String Fields.

- Video: Fixed possible crash which occurs when writing camera DDO

properties or camera variables from CAN.

- J1939: (E)TP connection abort messages are sent and evaluated including

transfer direction now. I.e. they only abort sending or receiving if parallel

transfer of the same PGN should be running.

- @Terminal variable now contains the node name of the device based on

device tree information.

- Improve analog and digital camera stability.

- Fix crash when writing to @ProjektTakeScreenshot variable was triggered via


- Fix validity of predefined CAN variables based on used device.

- The power key is now also supported by predefined @UserButtonPressed,

@UserButtonReleased, @UserButtonDoubleClick and

@UserMultiButtonPressed_02 variables. The variables from the User_Inputs

group are now available on all devices.

- Bargraph: Fix drawing of bargraph fill and target line.



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2022.4.2

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2022.4.2

PClient 2022.4.2

Projektor 2022.4.2


- New built-in Java Runtime 17.0.4.


- Added some additional informations in workflow files to improve our analyzing

in error case.


- Fixed initializing Delimiter-Mapping in VisualCANMapping table.

- Fixed exception which occurs if a JS-Node is copied and afterwards.

- Fixed possible deadlock and improved in save process. (PRJEXT-4341)

- Fixed possible exception by rendering SVG images. (PRJEXT-4908)

- Fixed issues in the object locking on scene feature

- Fixed exception by using raster graphics in SVG images. Embedded PNG/

TIFF/JPEG in SVG images are now supported. (PRJEXT-5103)

- Fixed exception on the scene if "Line Attributes" in the project properties is set

to 0. (PRJEXT-4838)

- Fixed exception if a invalid font without font family name is used.


- Fixed possible exception by loading an image folder by the image library.


- Fixed possible exception by closing a project. (PRJEXT-4748)

- Fixed exception by drag multiple selected nodes e.g. JavaScripts / images

inside the tree.

PClient 2022.4.2


- Fixed crash when switching pages using the OnPress event. (PRJEXT-4765)

Opus Projektor 2022.4.1

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2022.4.1

PClient 2022.4.1

Projektor 2022.4.1


- Improved performance for all reporting functionalities (create reports, get ticket

informations, send ticket comments)

- Images node: Fixed threading issue for updating image nodes in project tree

during project save. (PRJEXT-4176)

- Undo/Redo: Now resize changes on Projektor-Scene can be undone/redone,


- Search: Fixed possible exception if search commands are connected with &&

or '||' which contains more than 1 empty space.

- Search: Fixed opening possible wrong page if a double click on a Page node

in the search tree is performed.

- Jira Issue View: Fixed possible exception if a ticket via the notification bubble

is opened, which is currently not present in the Jira Issue View.

- Jira Issue View: Fixed that the Jira Issue View 'steals' focus every 5 min if an

ticket exists.

- Scene: Fixed an exception in Numeric Field if an invalid value is entered in the

property 'Preview Value' e.g. '-'. (PRJEXT-4109)

- Scene: Fixed possible exception during project close.

- Scene: Fixed exception in Projektor scene if a speial character is use in 'Input

Character Attribute' of a String Field.

- Settings: Now the Versioning user data (Name, Email, Auto-Commit) are

saved and loaded properly.

PClient 2022.4.1


- MultiTouch events can now be enabled/disabled by setting the variable


- Added new event 'OnCancel' for Buttons and Softkeys.


- Alarms: Fixed possible crash if Alarms are opened and closed very fast.

- Virtual Keyboard: Fixed possible loose of focus while switching layers with


Opus Projektor 2022.4.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2022.4.0

PClient 2022.4.0



Projektor 2022.4.0


- New built-in Java Runtime 17.0.3.



- B6 (prototype) support

- Jira Issue View: A new view was added which shows all JIRA issues or feature

requests. It is now also possible to write comments for the tickets and updates

will be shown directly in the application.

- A new 'Images' node is now shown in Project tree. It shows all used images in

the project. Images can now be easily updated and renamed.

- Added new event "OnProjectInitFinished".

- Multi-deleting of Variables and CAN-Mappings is now possible in Project tree.

- The limit of 255 character of a String Field was removed. New limit is now

65535 character.

- Added new context menu entry "Create JavaScript ID Array" for object

multiselection in Project tree, which can be added in JavaScript files.

- Project-Search: Added new search option 'Parent-TypeID' / 'Parent-


- Project-Search: Minor improvements.

- Crash-Report: Minor improvements.

- Project: Language names and two letter code can be updated now.

- Project: Error message is shown if can not be created during


- JavaScript Editor: Added getTriggerEvent() to auto completion.

- Version Control: desktop.ini files will be ignored now, since this can make

trouble for checkouts.

- Version Control: Improved performance of Revision-History dialog.

- CAN-Mapping/Variable-Mapping: The max size of the property 'Mask' and

'Shift X Bits' depends now on the original Variable size and not on the mapped

Variable size.

- Border-Profile: Enhanced management of Border-Profiles in the Project-

Properties. See manual for detailed information.

- J1939: DM1/DM2 translation file is now directly validated after selection.

- Image-/Symbol-Library: Loading images does not block the whole application


- Image-Library: Drag'n'Drop folder/images from Windows-Explorer is now

possible. Folder will be loaded recursively. Updated/improved the image table

view. Selected folder will be scanned for updateds automatically.


- Fixed possible exceptions in the scene of Pages.

- Fixed Undo/Redo for deleting CAN protocols.

- Fixed Undo/Redo for adding/removing variables to a Graph Object.

- Fixed several possible exceptions which could be appear during close project.

- Fixed some memory leaks during convert project and for close projects.

- Fixed heigh memeory usage which could be appear if an huge image folder is

loaded in ImageLibrary or ImageChooser dialog.

- If Variable Name or Index/SubIndex is updated all Variable-Refences in the

project will updated properly.

PClient 2022.4.0


- Fixed painting background color of Bargraph, if overlapping objects gets


- Fixed resetting value of Variable @CopyFileOrFolder after copy/move was


- Fixed showing correct value in String Field, if a connected Variable changes

state from invalid to valid.

- Fixed the color of the Navigation Buttons of a Input-List object accordingly to

current set day/night mode.

- Fixed possible crash if an Alarm is closed.

- Fixed issue that Button keeps in 'Pressed State' if the Button is pressed

quickly with 'Encoder'.

- Fixed restart of fadeout time of Softkey-Frame if a Softkey is pressed.

- Fixed setting a List object invisble which is in state 'Open For Input' via

property 'Visibility' in a JavaScript file.

- Updated value for Variable '@Terminal' for B4/B6 devices.

- Updated/improved navigation in Alarms with new Navigation Concept.

- Fixed possible crash if an Image is set very often and quickly via method

'setProperty()' in a JavaScript file.

- Fixed remembering old focused object on a Page if i.e. an Alarm pops up and

is closed again.



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2021.4.3

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2021.4.3

PClient 2021.4.3


Projektor 2021.4.3


- B3/B4 ProtoC support

- All binaries (.exe) of the OPUS Projektor are signed now. (Digital certificate,

valid until: 16.09.2024). Some customers had some trouble with security

applications caused by unsigned binaries.


- The issue reporting was improved to help our customers in a more efficient



- Fixed the project rename feature if the GIT version control system is used.

- Fixed issues regarding deleting folders on the filesystem. This was reported

by serveral customers. (Customer report: PRJEXT-566, PRJEXT-550,

PRJEXT-2722, PRJEXT-2589, PRJEXT-2587)

- Improved stability of the application.

PClient 2021.4.3


- B3/B4 ProtoC support


- Fixed uninitialized '@Terminal' predefined variable for operating system




- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2021.4.2

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

PClient 2021.4.2

PClient 2021.4.2


- Set and update boolean properties only if they really change. Some people

use PLC methods and set the same value every few milliseconds.

- Only start updating/re-initializing navigation 200ms after it was triggered by a

property change. That should allow all properties to be set before we actually

perform the update.

- Navigation is blocked/operator input is ignored while waiting for this


- Use hard coded method again to traverse object tree while initializing/updating

navigation. Script based approach had too much overhead.

- Fix memory leak caused by navigation scripts.

- '@UserEncoder1Clicks' respects rotation direction again.

- Add synchronization for some string based properties. Has only a limited effect

on Opus A3 and A6G1 - let the property show on screen before modifying it


- Avoid crash if virtual keyboard is selected for a DDO but no VKB is defined in

the project. DDO falls back to encoder input in this case.

Opus Projektor 2021.4.1

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2021.4.1

PClient 2021.4.1

Projektor 2021.4.1


- PClient Simulation: Fix that a restart of PClient simulation does not work

correctly when JavaScript debugger window is open.

- Version Control System: Fixed an exception if a project is opened with a not

fully initialized git repo.

- Version Control System: Fixed that the repository is locked caused

by a previously interrupted commit. JGitInternalException - source:

org.eclipse.jgit.api.AddCommand:225::call() (Customer report: PRJEXT-2576,


- Version Control System: Commits in large projects are now much faster.

(Customer report: PRJEXT-2576, PRJEXT-2615)

- Version Control System: The graphical user interface is only released

when the commit process is finished. (Customer report: PRJEXT-2576,


PClient 2021.4.1


- Key focus is on PClient again after sleep mode. Didn't work on 'egspro'

systems anymore.

- Navigation is only re-initialized if visibility was changed on an object of current

page. Before it was re-initialzed whenver a visibilty value changed.

- Re-initialization of navigation now leaves focussed object unchanged. Before

this was problematic esp. if a list was object 'open for input'.

- Encoder events trigger actions again even if there's no input object on the


Opus Projektor 2021.4.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2021.4.0

PClient 2021.4.0



OS A3 2.2.6

OS A6 2.2.6

Projektor 2021.4.0


- New built-in Java Runtime 11.0.10.

- The 'String Inplace Editor' is not supported anymore. If it is used a warning will

be shown. Please change to a Virtual Keyboard.


- New sample project 'Tradeshow Dashboard' added. This project sample

shows a sophisticated highly dynamic animated dashboard.

- New object themes 'stunning_dark' and 'stunning_bright' added.

- Undo/Redo 2.0. See manual for more details.

- Generic Project Search. See manual for more details.

- Integreated a Version Control System for Projects.

- Support for OPUS B4.

- JavaScript: Added new function getTriggerEvent().

- JavaScript: Added new function runSystemCommand().

- JavaScript: Added new function openPDFReader().

- Variable View: Now the owner of Variables which are mapped in a CANMapping

can be changed.

- Variable View: Column names and width will now be saved during close and

restored during start of the application.

- Added possiblility to close several project at once.

- Improved CAN-Mappings dialog. Infos/Warnings/Errors will be shown directly.

- Variable-Import: Now is possible to import ECU Variable Index/SubIndex via

CSV import.

- Softkeys: Softkeys can now be deleted. During load only saved Softkeys will

be shown.

- Open File dialog: Now the dialog opens much faster. Added option to avoid

slow folder navigation. See manual (extended file browser) for more details

- Changed Topcon device names X18/40 to XD/XD+

- Save button will now only be enabled, if current project has changes.

- Configure Events dialog: OnPress/OnLongPress: A warning is now shown that

for these events now page jump shall be performed.

- List-Object: Added new property 'Touch Input' to enable/disable OK/Cancle

button for List objects.

- New "Tip of the day" section in the 'Start Page'.

- Save button is now disabled if no modifications and no uncommited changes

are detected.

- The FlexView conversion process only creates softkeys for the levels if these

also existing in the original project.

- 'Gauge' object now allows to set a background image in combination with

activated property 'Draw Boundary Bar'.

- New font 'Xolonium' added.


- Fixed many memory leaks. Reduced unnecessary memory usage. Memory

will be freed properly after project is closed.

- Rename JavaScript files does now work properly, if script was modfied before.

- FlexView: Fixed possible crash in FlexView dialog if Previous button is


- Fixed several possible uncritical exceptions during close of a project.

- Fixed possible preview painting issue in Table object.(Customer report:


- DBC-Export:[CANFreestyle] 29bit can ids the 'extended bit' is set properly.

- DBC-Export:Now the attribute GenMsgSendType is set properly, if a can

message is sent periodically.

- Simulation: Imported fonts will now be used properly.

- Now properties will be shown properly, for multiselections.(Customer report:


- Recent Projects: Possible duplicated entries will be avoided.

- Fixed possible exception in Object Themes Panel.(Customer report:


- Fixed possible exception on scene if objects are selected/moved with CTRL

pressed.(Customer report: PRJEXT-488)

- Fixed possible exception in ImageFile chooser dialog. (Customer report:


- Image Library: Reduced memory allocation for SVG images.

- Fixed exception during load if a 32bit variable is set as 'Visibility Variable'.

(Customer report: PRJEXT-1512)

- Fixed exception if an image from the image library is drag'n'drop to a Picture

Graphic object with Language/Unit dependency.

- Fixed draw issues in ListItems dialog of an InputList object. Fixed possible

exception if multiple images are selected in the dialog.

- Fixed exception if the Toolbar will be customized.(Customer report:


- Variable Simulation: Option 'Only allow value changes by Simulation' will now

be concidered properly.

- Now the extended id bit will be set also for CAN-IDs less or equal 0x7ff, if

'CAN ID Type' is set to '29Bit'.

- Added the method 'setTouchInput' to the Projektor JS auto-completion.

- Fixed that the 'Save as' functionality do not modify the original project.

(Customer report: PRJEXT-1916)

- Fixed unsharp SVG graphics on the Projektor scene.

- Changed the default value of the property 'Inplace Editor' of String Fields from

'Encoder' to 'VKB'.

- Error handling implemented if no default browser is defined in the operating

system.(Customer report: PRJEXT-1968)

- Now the 'Owner' of a mapped variable can be changed in Variable-View.

- Fixed possible 'java.lang.IllegalArgumentException'.(Customer report:


- Fixed possible 'java.lang.NullPointerException'.(Customer report:


- Fixed possible 'java.lang.ConcurrentModificationException'.(Customer report:


- FlexView: Loading Screen image will be scaled properly now, during FlexView


PClient 2021.4.0


- Improved JavaScript error messages on the console.

- Improved PDF Reader.Added a loading lable.

- Touchscreen can be enabled/disabled during runtime. Added JavaScript

function setTouchInput(true/false).

- Java Script: Allow JS function writeToFile() to also write to /opt/data. Also raise

max. used space in /opt/user_files and /opt/data from 10MiB to 100MiB.

- Power Management: Add support for new states in

@PWR_CurrentPowerMode (2: low power with timer enabled to change to

sleep mode, 3: silent-on)

- Power Management: Add new variable

@PWR_TimeFromSilentOnToLowPower to be able to adjust the silent on to low

power timer.

- CANopen: Allow SDO Read Responses without size information.

- Video: Fixed possible video issues, if same video settings will be set

repeatedly via JavaScript.

- Events/Navigation: Internal redesign - should not have external effects.


- Expedited write request does work with Strings.

- 'Force Writing' does work for CANopen write requests now.

- PDF Reader: Home-Key closes now the PDF Reader.

- Fixed/imporoved setting correct backlight intensity during automatic mode.

- Fixed possible wrong state of Digital Input values when returning from Low-

Power, or Sleep mode.

- Fixed possible painting issues for Arched bargraphs, with a hight value range

when value is low.(Customer report: PRJEXT-484)

- Fixed possible crash in JS method sendCANMessage() if paramter DLC is set

> 8.

- Escaping from button's 'release' and 'long release' event now works on multitouch


- 'moveDDO' command now moves all instances of the DDO on current page.

- Numeric virtual keyboard now handles offsets and scaling.

- Avoid screen flickering after leaving a page showing ETH camera stream.



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A3 2.2.6


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.2.6


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2020.4.3

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2020.4.3

PClient 2020.4.3



OS A3 2.2.5

OS A6 2.2.5

Projektor 2020.4.3


- New built-in Java Runtime 11.0.9 (Please note that the application launcher

might show a different Java runtime version. The used version is displayed in

the About dialog.)


- A default icon will be set automatically in project settings for ISOBUS projects

during load.

- The Image-Chooser dialog shows now an thumbnail images icon for all image

types. (PNG, SVG, JPEG, BMP, GIF). The preview panel had been removed.


- New welcome project added. New page USB browser with File Viewers and

fixed RS232 initialization.

- Fixed Exception by pressen 'ESC' in String property editor.

- Updated method to create an SVG thumbnail image for ImageChooser dialog.

This save a lot of memory during creation.

- Stability improvements

- Fixed sometimes occuring exception during the send process of an crash

report if it could not be send the first time.

- Fixed possible exception if Z-Order is changed on page scene.

- Fixed possible remove of images during project conversion (only for projects

versions lower than 3.7.x), if the image name contains invalid characters like

empty space.

- Fixed that the font property of the table object is saved correctly.

- Fixed exception on page scene if an object with an assigned image, is set to

width/height '0'.

- Fixed creating duplicate Alarm Numbers if an alarm is copied.

- Fixed showing Volume Bar Buttons and Playlist properly for Multimedia Player.

- Fixed possible exceptions during FlexView conversion process.

- Fixed memory leak during project save and close.

PClient 2020.4.3


- Fixed that the PClient screen was still (partly) visible when calibrating the

touchscreen via JavaScript.

- Fixed possible crash in Welcome-Project, for Page RS232, if the RS232 port is

used for data transfer.

- Fixed restarting PClient properly, if project gets updated directly after boot.



- See the corresponding os release notes.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A3 2.2.5


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.2.5


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2020.4.2

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2020.4.2

PClient 2020.4.2

Projektor 2020.4.2


- New built-in Java Runtime 11.0.8 (Please note that the application launcher

might show a different Java runtime version. The used version is displayed in

the About dialog.)


- New sample project (sums game) added.


- Fixed that the font property of the gauge object is saved correctly.

- Fixed issue regarding wrong default values by using the csv variable import.

- Fixed crash will loading invalid svg images. If a svg is invalid an error message

is shown.

- Fixed saving DM1/DM2 settings.

- Fixed possible crash while loading invalid projects.

PClient 2020.4.2


- Fonts imported to a project but are not installed as Windows fonts are now

loaded in the PClient simulation.


- Fix sequence of logged variables in time based logging when the tag


- Fix when changing to a new page with touch press event that a release event

could be triggered for an object on the new page while the finger still touches

the screen (capacitive touches only).

- Fix that continous touching of a frame object with one finger blocks touch

events for other objects (multi touch only).

- Fix that a DM1 log file is not created again after it was moved/deleted.

- The list DDO supports items disabled via visibility now and can be switched to

'touch mode' at runtime.

Opus Projektor 2020.4.1

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2020.4.1

PClient 2020.4.1

Projektor 2020.4.1


- New built-in Java Runtime 11.0.6


- Welcome project 2.0.0 with many new service features.

- New Reporting functionality integrated. When an error occurs a new report

dialog will be shown for given detailed feedback.

- New icon sets Materials and Remix in the Symbol Library are now available.

- Optimized datamask sizes for Isobus projects.

- New DBC Export feature is available for customers with DBC license.

- Enable DBC import of Variables greater then 32bit.


- Fixed an issue in the day / night mode feature regarding storing theme


- Fixed that the auto save projects function saves no JavaScript files.

- Fixed that copy and paste of some images formats doesn't work over projects.

- Fixed that the data type and length of variables is not set properly.

- Fixed sometimes occuring exception on the scene by multi selection objects

and switching between pages.

- Fixed possible exception when creating a project while a project loads.

known issues

- Sometimes occurring exceptions when the z-Order is changed on the scene.

PClient 2020.4.1


- Fixed that the Variable Simulation shows no variables are when connecting to

real Opus B3

- Fixed crash when dis- and reconnecting during variable transfer.

- Fixed background/foreground painter handling.

- Fixed crash when Ethernet camera frame is switched with visibility.

Opus Projektor 2020.1.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2020.1.0

PClient 2020.1.0


Projektor 2020.1.0


- New device OPUS B3 is now supported.

- The new Projektor is shipped with an built-in Java runtime (OpenJDK11). In

conclusion, there is no commercial Java license needed.


- Introduced Day/Night Mode. For more information please have a look at the


- Added new icons in Project-Properties dialog.

- Introduced new launcher dialog with setup options.

- It is now possible to set recovery and service boot logos.

- The Graph History Tool can now be started in Application.

- Project will be saved automatically if PClient Simulation or Downloader will be


- Console output of PClient Simulation will now be in Output window.

- Objects can now be locked on the scene.

- Introduced Linebreaks for String Field objects.

- Introduced drag'n'drop functionallity for JavaScript files in project tree.

- Now it is possible to keep aspect ratio of objects while resizing on the scene.

- Enhanced swim lanes on the scene.


- Many bug fixes for scene.

- Enhanced FlexView-Converter.

- Fixed that same variable can't be drag 'n' drop several time to 2D Graph.

- Many minor bug fixes and improvments.

known issues

- Multimedia Player and Ethernet Camera streaming are not yet available for

OPUS B3. These features will be available in a later version.

PClient 2020.1.0


- Now the release event will be cancelled if sliding away from a pressed button

on the touch.

- Multi Touch support for e.g. press several buttons (only for devices with Qt5

and multi touch, no gestures, yet)


- Now the release event will be cancelled by sliding away from a pressed button

on the touch.

- Fixed drawing shadow for Buttons although drawing shadow is disabled.

- Fixed applying theme properties for VKB-Buttons.

- Fixed possible crash of Variable Simulation.

- Fixed possible drawing issues in 2D-Graph.

- Fixed drawing correct line attributes in 2D-Graph.

- Fixed possible flickering of objects if moveDDO function is used.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2019.4.1

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2019.4.1

PClient 2019.4.1

OS A3 2.2.3

OS A6 2.2.3

Projektor 2019.4.1


- Object Scene: Removed following items in context menu of the Property-

Sheet: Disable / Enable Property, Enable All Properties, Disable All Properties.

- Object Scene: Removed Property 'Border Profile' from Object Themes. This is

not a Theme property anymore, because it is managed by Project Settings.


- Show Open Source Licenses in Projektor in the About dialog.

- DBC-Import: Now a preview of DBC-Import is available.

- Variable View: The tooltip of the VariableView can be disabled/enabled in



- Fixed that list object reference children are sorted wrong.

- Fixed when a new page / miniview page / alarm / vkb is created, that all

chrildren nodes are expanded.

- Fixed that the property "Display Video" for "Camera2" / "Camera3" is always

set to "None" after conversion to a "Generation1" device.

- Added check for NullPointer if scaled image could not be created e.g. if width

or height was set to '0'.

- Creating variable via Variable Manager is not refreshed in variable view with

subindex 0x0.

- Fixed a sometimes occured "ConcurrentModificationException" during the

FlexView conversion process.

- Add Reset Softkey Option for context menu of Softkey on Scene.

- Visiblity with 32bit Integer does not work.

- Variable Properties are not updated properly.

- Symbol-List Drag and Drop Page/Datamask.

- Needle color does not change properly.

- Duplicate IDs: The IDs of each CAN-Message is checked and updated to an

unique one if necessary.

- CANopen Dummy Variables won't be deleted anymore if a project is converted

from e.g. A6 to A3.

- Scene: Needle image will be scaled properly now.

- Object Themes will be stored properly now. It is now possible to switch themes

on the scene properly (Images will be updated).

- Default Value for Repeat-Events is set to '5' (Script will be executed every 500


- Image Library: Enhanced search performance and catched exception for

special characters in search field.

- DBC-Import: Fixed parser exception for files with Keyword 'SIG_GROUP_' and

fixed import for Big Endian messages if message is unordered.

- Fixed 'Dependency Editor Dialog'. The value of a cell in the editor could be

updated by pressing on an other cell.

PClient 2019.4.1


- Fixed possible bluescreen after waking up from sleep mode multiple times.

- Fix shaky camera image on iMX6 devices.

- Fix possible crash when coming back from low power mode and video was


- Fix possible crash when switching between PAL and NTSC cameras.

- UserXXX.tar.gz files can be edited again with 7zip.

- Fix that @UserMultiButtonPressed variable was not correctly reset after a

double press event.

- Add 'wait_on_read' as a parameter for RS 232 init function.

- CallerID can now also be retreived in JavaScripts when it was triggered by a

CAN mapping.

- Synchronize 2D graph logging files when exporting them to USB.

- Fixed shaky camera image for imx 6 based devices. Now the camera image

does not move +/-1 Pixel anymore.

- Fixed crash for Portrait projects on imx 6 based devices if video is shown and

device goes into Low Power mode with configured Camera off and it is switched

ignition off/on again during Low Power.

OS A3 2.2.3


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.2.3


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2019.4.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2019.4.0

PClient 2019.4.0

Projektor 2019.4.0


- Increast variable logging max file size from 10MB to 50MB

- 32Bit Java runtime support removed. Now the installer only accept 64bit Java

runtimes. In conclusion the OPUS Projektor 2019 runs only on 64Bit operating


- Project loading performance and memory management improved.

- Scene performance improved (moving / resizing objects).


- Added new RSS feed on the Start Page.

- Image Library allows to add different image pools / folders. The images can be

dragged on scene.

- DBC file import feature added. (Paid Feature)

- Provide Ethernet camera configuration tool using ISO 17215 protocol. (Paid


- New sample project added: "RS232 Project" - This project sample

demonstrates a basic usage of RS232 interface. Connect to a serial

communication device, e.g. printer / terminal program and write or read data.

- New sample JavaScript added: "RS232 Sample" - This script shows examples

of the commands for RS232 configuration and communication.

- J1939 now provides "ForwardDontCare" property in order to even write a

value where all bits are set into the variable.

- JavaScript editor auto completion for eeprom functions.

- Enabling Drag and Drop of JavaScripts on FunktionKeys and Encoder.

- Option to clear recent projects (Tools -> Options -> Projects).

- Show Font and Line attributes preview with different background colors.

- Add new property "SDO Timeout" for CANopen instances.

- Added new Property Object Status to mapping objects of CANFreestyle and


- Add Show in Explorer button in project properties at project location.

- Add JavaScript auto completion for new getCallerID() function.

- Use normal Variables for Visibility Bit.

- CTRL + X shortcut for "cutting" objects added.

- Add JavaScript auto complete for createUSBDirectory(), getDirectoryContent()

and deleteFileOrDirectory() functions.

- Add "Gauges" to the supported objects of "Softkeys".

- Left / Top softkey frames are now allowed for Opus A8.

- New drag and drop context menu "Add as Visibility Variable" for variables


- Drag and drop support of Mapping Objects for JavaScript Editor added.

- Make object names editable in project tree. Now the names of object can be

renamed by pressing 'F2'.

- New improved "Save As" / "Rename" projects dialog.

- Lock function for scene objects implemented in context menu. This feature

avoids that objects on the scene can't be accidentally moved by using the


- "Rocker Switch Horizontal" is now available in the object palette.

- List: Dashed rectangle for each list entry implemented.

- List: Better usibility when the "Visible Items (Normal Mode)" / "Visible Items

(Editing Mode)" is greater then 1 and objects will be added / removed.

- New icon for invisible items on the project tree.


- Windows Window Manager handles reduced.

- FlexView-Converter: Some issues in "Auto Set Softkey" function fixed.

- Fixed that standard shortcut Ctrl + S does not work.

- Events: Set Value - a value can be set without a variable.

- Fixed that the resizing of the Multimedia Player ddo works on all corners.

- Simulation settings aren't read correctly when a project is opened.

- Import Variables Feature: Owner UD4, and PClient can be added manually.

Check now if the ECU Name is reserved.

- Frame z-order can't be changed.

- Fixed that MiniView window is correctly shown, also when objects are moved

outside of containers.

- Fixed that Drag and Drop of variables / scripts doesn't work with hidden

objects on top.

- Big Endian is implemented wrong for variables less then 8bit.

- Fixed that the page properties are shown by double clicking / open the page.

- Check implemented which detects that a font is successfully imported. A

message appears if the font can't be imported.

- Fixed that the correct parent object ID is set by using the JavsScript function

"moveDDO(...)" if the parent object is from type "Datamask".

- Open PDF Reader event, shows unexpected dialog.

- Check if it is possible to allow renaming mapped variables.

- Gauge object issues: Now the property 'Transparent' is disabled if 'Draw

Boundary Bar' is enabled and 'Transparent' state is set to 'false'.

- Fixed that the PClient simulation can be started without selecting the checkbox


- Add option to not ignore "all 1" SPNs in J1939 PGN.

- Fixed that the project rename functionality throws an exception if an "Virtual

Keyboard" page was opened.

- Fixed that value of Property 'Offset2' will be considered in 'Preview Value' of

Numeric Field.

- Fixed Symbol Library drag and drop on Page / Datamask.

- Softkeys with no assigned event, but a pressed and/or released image is now

also saved.

- Fixed that softkeys without children will not be removed after the FlexView

conversion process.

- Page name editor tab isn't refreshed when page name is changed.

- SVG-Images are not drawn properly when project is opened.

- Fixed that a minor tick is not painted over the first major tick for Gauge objects.

- The Meter and Gauge needle in the Projektor looks now like in PClient.

- The corner radius will now be calculated in relation to the ddo scaling factor

during the FlexView conversion process.

- Check if it is possible to allow renaming mapped variables. Now

VariableMapping will also be changed in Project-Tree when Variable-Name is


- Sample Project Creator: Now an warning message is displayed if an existing

project of the selected slot will be overwritten.

- Clean up of some "Project Properties" dialogs.

- Fixed issue after the project conversion / load. All language / unit dependent

"Vertical Alignment" properties of "Numeric Fields" was set to the default value


- Fixed an displaying issue when the meter / gauge was moved outside of the


- Fixed that the Softkey Frame ID's are the same after the FlexView conversion


- Fixed sometimes occuring "java.nio.file.AccessDeniedException" during the

FlexView conversion process.

- Linear Bargraph: Wrong behaviour for "Number Of Ticks" property.

- Const Value is now shown in Visual CAN Mapping table.

- Wrong row selection in Variable View.

- The second "Function Key" is now named "Stop Key". Update old projects on


PClient 2019.4.0


- PClient's Javascript now supports function 'setFocus(ddoID, openForInput)'.

- Introduced RS232 object in Javascript - mainly to support serial printers.

- Add new Javascript commands 'createUSBDirectory()',

'deleteFileOrDirectory()' and 'getDirectoryContent()'.

- Introduced "getCallerID()" function to Javscript.

- DM1 handler discards table entries if the ECU didn't send messages for 3


- J1939 and CANFreestyle mappings can now be en-/disabled at runtime via

'Object Status' property.

- All CAN mappings now provide "mapping received" event/action handling.

- Javascript now supports 'readEEPROM()' and 'writeEEPROM()'.

- CANopen SDO communication has writable property "SDO Timeout (msec)"


- CANopen PDOs now support 'timeout', 'timeout resolved' and 'mapping

received' events like the mappings in the other CAN protocols.


- Setting '@EnableUpdater' variable does not affect '@UpdaterCANPort'


- Improve layout for Opus A8 ISOBUS layout in Windows simulation.

- DDOs now trigger the 'OnValueChange' event even if they have no variable

attached. In the latter case a change of the 'Preview Value' triggers the event.

I.e. this event is triggered whenever the value shown changes - independent of

the change's origin.

- Fix duplicate handling of 'on enter value' events.

- All 'scale', 'offset' and 'offset2' values are floating point now. Before some of

them were integer values only.

- Windows simulation avoid duplicating mouse wheel events - one tick of mouse

wheel simulates one encoder tick.

- Graph object now properly supports negative scaling factor.

- Gauge does not draw a minor tick over the first major tick anymore.

- Meter object's 'tick width' and 'arc width' are calculated again like they were

before gauge object was introduced..

- IP address for imx-6 based devices can be set again.

- Default IP address for eth0 is set to '' wherever a default is


- DM handler now shows ECU addresses >=128 (0x80) correctly. Before

negative numbers were shown.

- Moving the child of a video DDO (frame or page) does not cause reapplication

of all viedeo settings anymore. This saves a lot of performance if

'moveDDO()' is used.

- Avoid crash if a button had only a child for 'pressed' but none for 'released'


- If setting an invalid language, DEI value is set back to the language used

before. Until this fix the old language was kept but DEI held the invalid value.

- Clean up 'openPDFAction'.

- CANopen transmit PDOs are not sent twice anymore if the trigger variable is

also mapped into a receive PDO.

- Continuous variable logging now writes the log file header even if the logfile

was removed while logging was off. Before a new file without the header was

created in this case.

- Beeper simulation on imx-6 based devices is quicker now and therefore does

not skip single beeps anymore.

- Hardware daemon doesn't crash anymore if power management daemon is

restarted while hardware daemon is running.

Opus Projektor 2018.4.3

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2018.4.3

PClient 2018.4.3

Projektor 2018.4.3


- License handling improved regarding the activation of additional features.

- The user manual was updated.


- Fixed that "Drag and Drop" of variables / scripts / symbols work with hidden

objects on top of the scene.

- Fixed an issue with multi-selected objects and modified image properties.

- Fixed copy/paste issue with images.

- Fixed changing z-order of frames.

PClient 2018.4.3


- Fixed sequence number for "TP Broadcast" in J1939 protocol.

- Improved performance by placing objects over video frames and using the

JavaScript customer function "moveDDO(...)".

- Fixed crash for buttons with only a child for "Pressed" but none for "Released"


Opus Projektor 2018.4.2

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2018.4.2

Projektor 2018.4.2


- Fixed that the install scripts are not overwritten during project load.

- Fixed that the configure mappings dialog is refreshed properly.

- Fixed that multimedia files are not removed during the save process.

Opus Projektor 2018.4.1

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor 2018.4.1

PClient 2018.4.1

Updater 2018.4.1


OS A3 2.2.2

OS A6 2.2.2

Projektor 2018.4.1


- Frame-Size of ISOBUS projects is now 800 px.

- Increased performance during the save process of projects with many SVG


- Pressed/Released image are now also shown in Projektor when button is


- Changed "OPUS Projektor 2018.4 Updater Center" to https.

- The values for the "Dependency Dialog" is now sorted.

- Removed languages will be delete in the languages folder.

- Fixed that sometimes the local absolute image path is saved to project.xml for

"Boot Logo" and "Loading Screen".

- Fixed possible NullPointerException caused by "null" value in the "LogLevel"


- Fixed wrong image names for image properties of pages in the project.xml

after FlexView conversion with scaling.

- The property value for a visibility bit was not correct. Removed 'Empty Space'

behind ":".

- Fixed bug in the project conversion that "Auto Set Softkey" isn't available for

larger projects.

- Fixed that @SettingsLanguageEnum isn't applied upon device start.

- Rename of the project folder are now supported again.

- Wrong property for CANopen transmit mapping.

- Fixed that the last ECU of a Protocol can be deleted.

- Fixed that String variables are mapped in bit instead of byte.

- Fixed wrong property value for a visibility Bit.


- Full version of Symbol Library with 2426 ISO7000 SVG symbols can now be

purchased and activated. Please contact our support.

PClient 2018.4.1


- Fixed that device application does not recovery from BUS OFF state.

- Fixed white stripe on the right side of non-transparent images.

- Fixed that DM2 table shows more than two digits for ECU address.

- Fixed sometimes a tone is missing at beeper sound pattern.

- Fixed that device application does not write file header again if logfile gets


Updater 2018.4.1


- Fixed that Updater GUI does not stop after project update.

- Fixed Updater problems when device is shut off after project loading.

- Fixed that Project download stops with imported fonts.

- Fixed that Updater can not connect to PClient when Project-Folder name is

modfied by user.

- Fixed sometimes broken ArchiveInfo.xml file afer cold boot.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A3 2.2.2


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.2.2


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Opus Projektor 2018.4.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

General 2018.4.0

Projektor 2018.4.0

PClient 2018.4.0


OS A3 2.2.0

OS A6 2.2.0

General 2018.4.0


- Versioning scheme was updated (again) to start with calender year.

- This should avoid the confusion created by unifying the versions of all


- This is the follow-up for version released as '1.12.x'.

Projektor 2018.4.0


- Show the variable description and some other informations in tooltip in the

variable view.

- New support function "Copy Details to Clipboard" in dialog "Help->About".

- Drag and Drop of JavaScripts / Variables / Symbols improved with a new 2-

step context menu which shows all available options of the drop object and the

parent object.

- The JavaScript Editor supports now UTF-8 encoding and many others.

- The new integrated online update system delivers now updates and features.

- New "Object Themes": "Modern Dark", "Modern Bright", "Classic".

- "Object Themes" can now defined for each object on scene or the whole

project in "Tools->Options->Scene->Object Themes".

- Custom "Object Themes" can now be created.

- Export / Import of custom "Object Themes".

- Supports now "H264 Ethernet Stream" in the camera configuration for "Pages"

and "Frames".

- New palette with many new objects ("Gauge", "Gauge 90", "Gauge 180",

"Gauge 270", "Lamp", "Power Switch", "Push Switch", "Rocker Switch").

- Specific device projects can now converted to each other device with the

"FlexView" converter.

- Some generic sample projects are now available for each device (Bargraph,

Dashboard, Dynamic Gauge, Welcome).

- It is now possible to create your own sample project to reuse it on different

devices "File->Create Sample".

- The new "Symbol Library" contains many "ISO7000" symbols. (Paid Feature)

- New search / favorites function for the "Symbol Library".

- "Symbol Library" drag and drop integration to scene.

- A Frame will now be automatically added by creating a new page.

- "Buttons" can now have an "Pressed Image" / "Released Image" for toggling

images instead using two Picture Graphic objects.

- New property "Corner Radius" for String Fields" and "Numberic Fields" for

painting rounded corners.

- New property "SVG Blend Color" for "Picture Graphics". This property allows

to colorize graphics from the "Symbol Library".

- The JavaScript Editor can now be customized / configured with many settings

in "Tools->Options->Editor".

- MiniView pages support for Isobus A8 devices.

- Horizontal and vertical swimlanes helps now to place objects on scene. The

feature can be enabled / disabled on the scene toolbar "Switch Snap to Object

ON / OFF".

- Some improvements on list object.

- Nodes in tree and properties in property sheets are now colorized. Modified:

blue, New: green, Warning: orange.


- Fixed issues for property "List Items" of object "List". The property can now be

used to add multiple objects / images.

- Fixed "Auto Wrap" property of "String Field objects."

- Rotation of the boot logo for portrait projects removed.

- Issues fixed in the scene to project tree synchonization


- The Undo/Redo functionality is not always consistent and must be analyzed.

Maybe the feature must be removed again.

known issues

- The "FlexView" project converter supports currently no ISOBUS projects.

- There is no check regarding valid camera combinations by copy / paste a

frame with configured "Display to Video" property into an other Datamask as


- The event "OnDblClick" on "Buttons" and objects of the category "Lamps and

Switches" works not if the property "latching" is activated.


- New widget move strategy on scene. CURSOR_BUTTON = 1px, ALT



- Window Layout of the application improved to get more space for the


- Auto-Backup feature removed from toolbar.

PClient 2018.4.0


- Now supporting to show two analog video camera images in parallel on imx-6

based devices.

- Limited support for one additional ethernet camera on imx-6 based devices

using a H264 stream.

- New gauge object is supported.

- Supporting ISOBUS variants for Opus A6G2 and Opus A8.

- Opus A8 ISOBUS supports 'miniviews' either to show the downscaled page or

a specifically designed one.

- Buttons, String Fields and Numeric DDOs support rounded corners.

- Buttons support separate images for 'pressed' and 'released' state in addition

to switching child shown.


- Some bugfixes for SDO handling.

- Visibility of button's children is not changed anymore by operating the button.

I.e. visibility variables work now for buttons and their children.

- ISOBUS versions now listen to unit, language and volume changes made in

the host system's setup screen.

- Encoder events are properly handled even if the page is switched (e.g. via

Home key) while an alarm is active.

- Javascript function 'readFile' now returns the value 'undefined' if the file does

not exist. Before it returned an empty array.

- Variable '@UserButtonReleased' is set to '-1' now even if encoder is pressed

(before it was set to '0' in this case).

- Prevent crash that could happen at startup if variables were used in transmit


- Prevent crash in J1939 DM1 handling by sychronizing even reading from the

table of messages.

- J1939 DM1 lamp variables are considered valid whenever DM1 handling

is configured in the project. Before they only became valid once a lamp was

switched on.

- CANopen SDO client request is sent correctly now by PClient.

- Alarms without value for 'display time' can be closed at any time now.

- String length is only used for operator input validation, if owner sets a longer

string value it is shown now.


- Imx-6 based platforms use OS version 2.1.x with Wayland instead of X-server

as the windowing system.



- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A3 2.2.0


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.2.0


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Toolchain 1.12.0

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor Tool 1.12.0

PClient 1.12.0

Updater 1.12.0


OS A3 2.1.1

OS A6 2.1.1

Projektor Tool 1.12.0


- New "JavaScript Editor", see the welcome page for more details.

- New "Visual Programming Editor", see the welcome page for more details.

- New JavaScript templates added to category "JavaScript Samples".

- JavaScript files can assigned to DDO's by Drag and Drop.

- New JavaScripts top level node in project view.

- JavaScript files are now sorted alphabetically.

- JavaScript files can be renamed over the project tree and updates related

DDO events / actions.

- JavaScript files can be copied into other projects.

- JavaScript files can now be imported by using the function "Import File..." by

right clicking on the JavaScripts root node.

- All available JavaScript files will be displayed in the JavaScripts node.

- New JavaScript files can be created over the project tree or the "Configure

Events and Actions" dialog.

- Existing JavaScripts can now be edited / opened also over the "Configure

Events and Actions" dialog.

- JavaScripts can now also be imported over the "Configure Events and

Actions" dialog.

- File Save Action to JavaScript editor TopComponent toolbar added.

- Variables can now be moved from VariableView into the new "JavaScript

Editor" by Drag and Drop.

- DDO's from Project Explorer can now moved into the new "JavaScript Editor"

by Drag and Drop.

- QT applications: "Variable Simulation" / "PClient" / "Updater" starts now Look

and Feel dependent.

- New action in menu "Edit"->"Find In Projects..." and "Replace in Projects..." for

JavaScript files.

- New "Navigator" view for JavaScript programming.

- Frame and Container DDO's on scene can now be set to the parent size by

double click.

- A6G2 Standard / Eco supports now ISOBUS application.

- Preview image painting of "Palette Objects" by using DnD improved for Linux


- New Variable "@UpdaterCANPort" added.

- New anthracite Look And Feel "Darcula" added.

- Optional sync parameter for JavaScript’s writeToFile function (see JavaScript


- New CAN baud rate 83.333 khz added.

- The z-Order of DDO's in the Project Tree can now be changed by Drag and


- The theme of the JavaScript editor will automatically changed by changing the

application appearance.

- Device Boot logo can now be set in "Project Properties".

- The Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can now be changed in the Projektor

Tool over "Tools->Options->Java Runtime".

- Improved handling and rendering of SVG images.

- The bootlogo of the device can now be changed via Updater and new project

property options.

- New property for the Multimedia Player: "Cyclic Playlist Navigation". See user

manual for more details.


- Fixes open PagesNode on double-click.

- Fixes that the font property of language dependent objects couldn't be


- The integrated chinese font "HanWangHeiLight" works again on devices.

- Fixes an issue in the Imagelist handling when a PictureGraphic with size(0,0)

was saved.

- Fixed resizing issues of some scene objects by clicking on the border.

- Find Usage tab will not displayed as default after the application is started.

- Fixed somtimes occuring exception by opening the "Conigure Mappings"


- Copied alarms have now a unique generated alarm number.

- "Project Icon" in "Project Properties" supports now transparancy.

- OS Architecture depending desktop shortcut (32/64bit) will now created after

the install process.

- Fixed an issue in the user defined browser selection in "Options->General-

>Web Browser"

- All color choosers are now from the same instance, also across projects.

Recent used colors will be saved

- Fixed resize calculation issue on scene objects (DDO's)

- Fixed Variable Import from other projects

- Fixed calculation of 'List Item Height', when a List Object was put in another

List Object.

- Fixed list height clculation when "Draw Border" is enabled or disabled.

- Fixed some issues in the Multimedia Player Object.

- Fixed issue in the CSV variable import functionality.

- Fixed that the number of "Parallel Supported Cameras" was not defined

on some portrait device templates. This has caused that the "Display Video"

property couldn't be configured..


- Open and save dialog replaced through progress bar on the right bottom


- Green selection border for pages / alarms removed on scene.

- New YouTube Playlist added for the coming new Projektor Tool tour.

- Image Handling: All images will now be scaled SMOOTH. Looks much better...

- Projektor components like PClient, OS, UD4, ..., will now extracted to the

userdir "%AppData%\Roaming\.toolchain-name"

- Projektor Tool can now be installed in "C:\Program Files" or "C:\Program Files


Known issues

PClient 1.12.0


- Optional sync parameter for JavaScript’s writeToFile function (see JavaScript


- Touchscreen calibration of resistive touchscreens is now possible with the new

JavaScript function startTouchCalibration(). See JavaScript manual for more


- CANopen: Added support for SDO Upload requests via JavaScript. No need

to use CANFreestyle for that purpose anymore. See SDO Upload Request

Support documentation in user manual (CANopen/JavaScript).

- A project icon can now be set in Projektor's project properties. This icon will be

shown in the Windows task bar when running the PClient simulation.

- CAN bitrate can now be changed with the new variables @CAN1_Bitrate and

@CAN2_Bitrate. These variables will be set to the value that is configured in

the project. The CAN bus can now be switched off and on with the existing

variables @CAN1_State and @CAN2_State.

- It is now possible to change the console mode of the device with the variable

@ConsoleMode. See user manual variable documentation for details. This

currently only works on i.MX 35 devices.

- PClient now follows the new versioning scheme of all applications. When

running a beta release a popup dialog when starting will be shown.

- In preparation of expanded video functionality, all camera variables are now

owned by PClient and not by HardwareDaemon. They should just work as

before. No need to change anything in the project.


- Improved drawing of button shadow.

- Fixed drawing of border corner pixels some rectangular ddo's on scene.

- Fixed table ddo scrolling. All rows are now reachable.

- Imported fonts are now correctly copied to the system font directory on iMX6


- String value of @BrandOwnerPartNumber is now always correctly nullterminated.

- Fix that UTF-8 characters from JavaScript were not correctly displayed.

- Beeper variables should be abit faster and not "forget" beeps on i.MX6


- Fix bad drawing performance when a variable with invalid value is connected

to a list object.

- Fixed crash that could happen when using CANopen mixed with

CANFreestyle and SDO Upload Responses are received.

- Fixed that analog camera images were not correctly placed on rotated


- Fix that the project release data was not corectly used in PClient.

- Fixed that the OnEscape event event was not triggered when pressing escape

while a string field is edited with the string inplace editor.

- Fixed that encoder release events were executed on the new page after

switching to the new page page via encoder press event.

- Fixed that a repetition cound of 2 works as expected for audio events and


- Fixed various alarm logging issues: Now every line of the variable log file

contains a line break regardles of logging options. The alarm log is now synced

to disk after each log entry. The option to log alarm varaibles is now correctly


- Fixed event handling of MultimediaPlayer.

- Fixed wrong font attribute to be set when value of a numeric was changed by

the owner of the attached variable.

- Fixed documentation of value range of @SensorTerminalTempC and


Updater 1.12.0


- Implemented update via Ethernet connection.

- Added new page for adding user files.

- Enhanced USB-Settings page. Now the USB device can be selected via USB

device combo box. Added USB device auto-detection.

- Updated Transfer-Page: Now transfer speed is shown.

- The bootlogo of the device can now be changed via Updater and new project

property options.


- Several minor bugfixes



- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A3 2.1.1


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.1.1


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Toolchain 1.11.16

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor Tool 3.11.16

Updater 4.3.14

PClient 2.15.16

ISO-VT 1.3.8


OS A3 2.1.0

OS A6 2.1.0

Projektor Tool 3.11.16


- USB drive for PClient / OS update can be created by using 'Menu - Update -

PClient / OS Update'.

- The project update can be done by using 'Menu - Update - Project

Update' (before: Quick Download).

- Introduced new 'START PAGE' when Tool is started. The start page contains

e.g. 'Recently Opened Projects', 'Release Notes', 'Tutorials' and more.

- New Look and Feel themes are available. Default theme is 'Praxis Live', a nice

dark theme.

- Components on the 'Scene' like 'Encoder' are highlighted when mouse hovers

over it. New behaviour can be disabled in Menu 'Tools - Options -> Scene'.

- Graph object has new property 'Maximum Number Of Samples'.


- Added menu entry 'Menu - Window - Reset Windows' which resets all

windows to default size and position.

- Removed option 'Add Existing DDO' in 'List Item' menu of List object.

- Project tree and scene are now synchronized properly when a new page is


- The 'Project Date' in 'Projekt Settings' is now getting saved and can be used.

- Improved en-/disabling menu items requiring an active project.

- 'Drag and drop' a variable from 'Variable View' to 'Scene' is now working

properly. Before sometimes the focus of the selected variable got lost.

- Enhanced sort algorithm for variable names in 'Variable View'.

- Fixed "'" button of Virtual Keyboard.

- Improved 'Auto Backup' action. Now only the button 'Turn On Auto Backup'

starts the backup thread. Before thread was started by editing the backup

interval value.

- Fixed double entries of variables in 'Project Properties - Variable Logging'.

- Fixed setting property 'Table Column Spacing' of Table object.

- When a project cannot be opened, now a dialog will be shown, which shows

the file that could not be read.

- The 'ID' of 'Font Attribute' objects is shown in 'Project - Properties - Font

Attributes'. The ID is needed e.g. in JavaScript to change the 'Font Attribute' of

an object.

- Removed the limitiation of 'Preview Value' for following objects: Numeric Field,

Linear Bargraph and Arched Bargraph. Limitations still apply for user input on


- When the language of a project is changed, the whole 'Scene' is updated


Known issues

- Value for script periods has to be provided in all periodic events. If no value is

entered, the script will not run. This can happen when converting projects from

Toolchain version less than 1.6.

- Both the folder for the installation of the Projektor Tool as well as project

folders may not contain anything other than alphanumeric characters and

special characters allowed for folder names in English Windows versions.

- After creating new 'Softkey Level' the assigned 'Softkey Event' e.g.

'ON_PRESS' is not getting saved. In that case the 'Event' has to be assigned

twice. Workaround: First assign a 'child' to the 'Softkey' e.g. a 'String Field' or

‘Numeric Field’ and then add an 'Event'.

- Avoid using Variables with 'Data Type' Boolean for the 2D Graph. This can

cause draw issues.

- In 'large' projects it can take some time until the load progress visualization will

be shown.

- OPUS A5 and OPUS RVC are not supported anymore. Please use toolchain

version 1.7.10 if working with these devices.

- Temporarily removed button 'Add Multiple Images' in 'List Items' dialog of List

object, because sometimes images are not saved properly.

- Project tree (communication part) is not synchronized properly, if index or sub

index of a variable is updated in 'Variable Manager' and afterwards 'Cancel' is


Updater 4.3.14


- Imported fonts are transferred to the panel again. This functionality was

disabled since CAN was included in Updater.

- Device GUI does not start on panel if USB stick without Updater files is

inserted. Before it started for every USB stick.

- Some minor improvements on PC GUI.

- Update does NOT start automatically if USB stick is connected while booting.

- Project path may now contain 'white space characters'.

PClient 2.15.16


- Major update: Exchanged JavaScript engine (now QtScript is used). A

JavaScript debugger is now available for the Windows simulation. See user

manual JavaScript documentation for more details.

- The 2D Graph object was extended to store it's value history on disk instead of

RAM. Now the history survives a reboot. See user manual for the 2D Graph for

more details.

- If a red screen appears at startup complaining about a missing configuration

file: Make sure that the used project was saved with the latest Projektor Tool


- You can now run portrait or landscape projects with the same PClient version.

The rotation of the display is done automatically based on the project.

- Considerably faster cold-boot times.

- A warning message will be shown at each startup if a beta release of the

PClient is used.

- 'Disabled' inputs are not only overlayed with a grey rectangle but also crossed

out with two diagonal lines - this improves recognition on grey designs (mainly

targeting ISO-VT). The cross is NOT displayed if 'only' the value is invalid (i.e.

difference is small for most cases in PClient). In both cases the border of the

grey rectangle is drawn non-transparent.

- New variable @FrequencyInput01 available.

- New variable @EnableServiceMode available. It can be used to trigger the OS

updater to start after a reboot without using the serviceEnable pin.

- Changed behaviour of @UserButtonPressed and @UserButtonReleased: If

no button (softkey) is pressed, @UserButtonPressed is set to -1, if a button

is pressed, @UserButtonReleased is set to -1 (before that change it was 0

for both variables). Now ESC key press/release can be observed with these


- All Beeper repetition variables are now initialized with value 0 instead of -1.

- All camera cropping variables were removed since cropping is now always

automatically done by the OS driver.

- Restricted video width and height to max. 1024 (hardware limit). If a video

frame or page is larger, black bars will appear.


- Fix a crash when leaving a page with a multimedia player object displaying

album art of an audio file.

- Fix that the "1/10s" tag in the variable log files were not correctly replaced (a

large number was shown instead of only one digit).

- Fix a possible crash when sending out CANopen SDO download requests

while responses to earlier requests are received.

- Fix that alarms were not logged to alarm logfile if ring buffer was disabled.

- Fix that alarms are only logged if the global alarm logging option is enabled.

- Function keys do now generate release events if a page is changed while the

key is pressed. On the new page the (real) release event is ignored then.

- Remove unnecessary new line in alarm log file when logging is started.

- The "Offset 2" property of numeric fields can now be changed via JavaScript.

- 'Scale' factor of numerics is modified as before only for 10^-x values, all

other values are directly casted to 'double' precision internally. The reduction

of precision we applied to all values before was only intended to make scale

values such as '0.0001' produce the expected result but it spoiled values for

those designs made for floating point calculation e.g. by using 2^-y as scale


- A string variable's value can now be set in a OnValueChangeByOwner event

without freezing.

- CANopen: Fix issue of Transmit PDOs that have an inhibit time set.

- Digital input 1 now shows correct value even at startup.

- Fix that an event appeared several times in an event based log file while other

events were not logged at all.

- Improved drawing performance of arched bargraph. Projects that use this

object should now be a lot more responsive.

- Fix several hardware variable related issues (e.g. Low Power mode

configuartion, Camera inputs, encoder backlight color, keypad startup color,

@MinDispBacklightIntensity, input measure mode and hysteresis.

Known issues

- The meaning of the values of variable @ActiveCamera changed! It used to

be an enu-meration (e.g. camera 1: 1, camera 2: 2, camera 3: 3). Now it is a

BITFIELD (e.g. camera 1: 1, camera 2: 2, camera 3: 4). See variable reference

documentation of @ActiveCamera in user manual!

- On i.MX 6 devices the actions of the "Three-Arrow-Key" will not be executed

on an ISO-VT release. On a PClient-only release the actions will be executed

but it is not possible to switch between open windows (e.g. when the PDF

reader is opened, it has to be closed to return to the PClient window).

- When jumping to a different page onEncoderPress, a configured

onEncoderRelease action is executed for the encoder on the new page

when the encoder is released (for softkeys the onEncoderRelease event

is automatically generated before the key is released and the new page is


- The onEscape event is not generated for StringField objects when pressing

escape while the object is being edited with the string inplace editor.

- If the "Repetition Count" of an audio file in the audio output configuration

dialog of an event is set to 2, it will only be played back once on the device (all

other repetition counts work as specified).

- When jumping to a new page with the onPress event of the multimedia player

object, the release event will not be generated.

- When alarms are logged to a file (instead of the ring buffer) disabling the

option "Log Alarm Variable Values" is only working for the first time the PClient

is started after a project update (and then the log file will have no line breaks).

The next time the device reboots or PClient is restarted, the option is enabled

again. We recommend to leave the "Log Alarm Variable Values" enabled until

this behaviour is fixed with a future release.

- When updating the OS of an i.MX6 device via the new PClient/OS update

function, the boot logo on the device is not included and will be removed from

the device during the update. A new boot logo image can either be placed on

the generated USB stick before the update (logo.bmp and logo.bmp.md5) or it

has to be installed manually after the update.

- Documentation for variable '@SensorTerminalTempC' is wrong: Resolution is

1°C, not 0.1°C.

- Documentation for variable '@SensorSupplyVoltage' is wrong: Resolution is 1

mV, not 10 mV.

ISO-VT 1.3.8


- Opus A6 generation 2 and Opus A8 are now supported by the VT.


- Made sure that every command execution (including macros triggered by it) is

completely finished before the response is sent.

- Made sure that an object is not 'open for input' anymore when VT sends out

the value change messages.

- It's possible now to 'select' an object that was just made visible in the same

macro. Before the command failed because the object was still invisible when

the command was executed. Downside is that we now accept the command

even if the object should not become visible.

- 'Control audio' command is executed even if beeper is active AND an alarm

mask is shown - as long as the beeper in NOT playing the sound of the alarm

mask. Before we didn't care which sound the beeper was playing and let the

command fail. Then while an alarm was shown one could not even terminate a

sound created with the same command.

- Meter object counts tick correctly even for a full circle. Before it was only

correct for smaller angles.

- Numeric virtual keyboard shows limits more intuitively if a negative 'scale'

value is used.

- String object internally uses Unix line breaks ('LF') only so that edited strings

never become longer than they were in the original pool object.

- String virtual keyboard now even accepts empty strings. This is a requirement

of AEF conformance test.

- Line object is now drawn as required by AEF conformance test.

- Recalculate displayed value if min- or max-value are changed at runtime.

Before the limited value was still shown until e.g. the value to be shown

changed. Found by conformance test at Plugfest.

- Even rectangles of width or height 1 are displayed now (before nothing was


- Reducing an object to height or width 0 now makes sure it gets hidden. Before

the last size stayed on screen until e.g. the whole object was moved.

- Fix some responses based on findings of conformance test at Plugfest -

including 'get versions' response if nothing is stored and 'VT change string' for

up to 3 characters.

- Parsing progress bar runs more smoothly, esp. for bigger pools.

- Diagnostic protocol is now reporting 'self certified by WE' rather than

referencing the old DLG test.

- When editing a list object it is made sure that even the scrollbar stays within

the datamask area. Like that one can scroll down even if system buttons are

shown on an ECO device.

- List objects now show an ESC and OK button while editing in order to match

the virtual keyboards. Anyways OK is the same as touching the desired item

and ESC the same as touching outside the list.

- Transparency and size of images can be modified independently (again).

Before it could happen that changing transparency returned the image to its

'raw' size.

- Flashing via font attributes can be switched off now even if the DDO is

currently not drawn on screen. Before it started flashing again when showing it


- J1939 tries to claim the following addresses (in this order): (1) address used

last time (2) preferred address (3) any free address. Before "(2) preferred

address" was missing in this enumeration.

- VT status message does not report showing a new object pool on screen while

an internal alarm mask is shown actually. Before every new pool was expected

to be shown in any case (but wasn't due to enforced alarm priority). Additionally

it is made sure that the latest pool will show once the alarm is gone.

- Parsing bit is also set when loading a pool. Before it was only set when

actually parsing a new pool.

- 'End of object pool response' now sets the 'missing object' bit correctly.

Additionally the correct parent ID is returned in case a child of a data or alarm

mask is missing.

- Alarms for status messages now maintain a list of up to 10 clients (although

max. three are shown). This allows to correctly show pool icons once three or

less are missing.

- Aux pointer objects show correct icon even if a new preferred assignment

command arrives.

- Aux inputs are disabled now when last assigned function gets removed.

Before they stayed active.

- Aux screen only shows after update of an aux object if it was visible before i.e.

if a preferred assignment command was received already. Before it appeared

whenever an aux object was updated.

- Aux screen now remembers all modifications made even when switching to

another aux function pool. Before only the modifications on the pool currently

shown were remembered.

- Data masks with (very) many object don't slow down the whole VT anymore.

This was achieved by optimized handling of "flashing" property.

- Object loops are now broken, before the first object in the loop is shown on

screen for a second time. Before they were broken after the first duplicate was


- 'Change string value' command now works correctly even for 3 or less

character values in macros. Before command basically worked but next macro

command was not found. (pConvert had/has the same bug)

- Macro commands are checked while parsing.

- Macro execution is terminated if an invalid command is found. (Should not

occur anymore due to fix above)

- Pool updates replacing objects with similar objects i.e. only modifying

attributes with the update are processed much faster now - the pool is still

hidden and shown again in the process though.

- Images are accepted even if they contain more pixels than required for their

size. Additionally image handling is cleaned up internally.

- Colors for the system buttons is read correctly from configuration file even

if most significant bit is set i.e. alpha value is greater than 127. Before these

colors were transformed to 0 (fully transparent white).

- System buttons also get a nicer design by default.

- Display settings project: Time and date settings are easier to use with touch

screen and use a font without serifs as the rest of the project. Additionally made

sure the date format is displayed according to current settings at any point of


- Use grey list background while list is open for input. This prevents 'invisible'

transparent objects. Before page background color was used in 'touch input

mode' (more or less with VT only), now the list background color is used in any

case and for ISO pools it's set to a grey color not existing in ISO color table.

Known issues

- For Opus A8 system buttons will be shown on all devices since automatic

detection of keys and encoder does not work currently. In order to switch them

on/off, the following section in file 'a8s.conf'/'a6s.conf' has to be modified:

[NOTE: Need paragraphs or similar in release notes.] system-buttons: { show =

true; // true: show buttons, false: use dedicated function keys

- Sounds <= 100ms triggered via 'control audio' command are not played




- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A3 2.1.0


- See the corresponding os release notes.

OS A6 2.1.0


- See the corresponding os release notes.

Toolchain 1.10.12

This OPUS Projektor Release contains the following software:

Projektor Tool 3.10.12

Updater 4.3.10

PClient 2.14.10


Projektor Tool 3.10.12


- Variable reference included in HTML help.

- Improved support for OPUS A8 panel.

- Introduced multimedia player object.

- Zoom on designer area is now centered on mouse cursor. Before it was

centered at top left corner.

- Improved variable import feature.

- Improved WYSIWYG for string wrapping.


- STOP (ISO_KEY) will now added to each page and alarm after project

conversion with old "OPUS A8" panel to "OPUS A8 Standard".

- Wrong colors in table for predefined alarms fixed ("Project properties ->


- New image handling now uses the scaled image if the original image cannot

be found in respective folder. Before project conversion failed in this case.

- For the three predefined emergency alarms in project properties one can only

modify the audio files. In earlier 3.10.xx versions one could edit all parameters.

- EDS file creation: All CAN baudrates defined for CANopen are covered again.

In earlier 3.10.xx versions 10 kBit/s and 800 kBit/s were missing because they

are no longer selectable in Projektor.

- Some variable definitions were updated. E.g. minimum camera width

and height has to be 8 pixels now. @EncoderBacklightIntensity and

@EncoderBacklightColor were added.

- Selectable video and audio formats e.g. for multimedia player are more

restricted than in earlier 3.10.xx versions. Removed were those leading to

license fees even if they are unused.

- Fix keycode on OPUS A8 portrait for new function key with octagon.

- Thumbnails in image dialog will be updated even if the file changes on

disk while Application is open already. Before they were only updated when

selecting another image intermediately.

- DM1/DM2 dialog is now initialized properly and combo boxes are filled


- Project converter can now handle images of size 0 bytes.

- Internal image handling now properly deals with the same image provided

under more than one file name. Before this lead to loss of images because the

duplicate was only recognized in one place.

- Fix some minor issues regarding new multimedia player and audio for events.

- CAN baudrates of 10 kBit/s and 800 kBit/s are not supported anymore. If they

should have been used the project converter will issue a warning.

- Improved conversion of projects from ECO to standard device of the same


- Better integration of modified Universal Downloader.

Updater 4.3.10


- New Updater GUI with CAN transfer integrated.

PClient 2.14.10


- Multimediaplayer DDO added for devices with audio output (i.e. not only a

beeper). It is highly configurable and can also be controlled via Javascript. See

user manual for details.


- Fixed crash in action queue.

- Table object has additional property 'Highlighted Row' now and makes sure

that this row is visible in the object's drawing area.

- Object drawn on top of video frames are refreshed correctly.

- 'On value change' event is triggered even if no variable is attached to the

DDO. I.e. it's triggered if value is edited by operator. It is not triggered though if

'Preview Value' is modified via Javascript.

- Changing visibility value does not trigger 'on value change' event of the DDO


- An object directly connected to encoder stays 'open for input' even if an alarm

is shown. Before an ESC was sent and this still happens if navigation scheme is


- Home key only jumps to home page on key release now. Before it jumped on

press and on release which could trigger nasty side-effects.

- Virtual keyboard now correctly supports all UTF-8 characters. Before only

characters encoded in one byte were supported.

- Alarm display time is now calculated from the point of time when the alarm is

actually shown. I.e. now (minimal) display time is enforced correctly. Before it

started when the alarm was enqueued.

- Visibility now even works for flashing objects. Events of these objects are

triggered even while flashing object is in hidden state while flashing. Before

visibility and flashing conflicted because they relied on the same internal


- Encoder now supports double click event and also updates variable

'@UserButtonDoubleClick' accordingly.

- When encoder action is configured for a page it will NOT be executed while

an alarm is shown on top of the page. Before both actions were triggered if the

alarm had an action configured for the same event.

- When jumping to a page which is excluded from page history, pre-defined

variables '@ProjektHistoryPage1-5' won't be updated.

- Javascript creates correct error message if trying to write to inexistent folder.

Before it reported insufficient disk space in this case.

- "/opt/user_files" directory will now be created automatically if it does not exist

when using the JavaScript 'writeToFile' method with a filePath parameter that

starts with "/opt/user_files/".

- Variable '@EnableUpdater' has an extended value range so that it can

(de)activate USB and CAN updates separately.

- Window managing for OPUS A8 is re-implemented for Qt5 on X11.

- New variable '@ProjektTakeScreenshotName' allows setting a specific name

for the screenshot file. Before files had to be identified by their generation time

encoded in the file name.

- PClient simulation on Windows now supports foreign characters in image path

and image name.

- PClient simulation on Windows now simulates 'low power' state for 20

seconds when pressing 'i' on the PC keyboard. This can help checking actions

configured for power events.

- Fix crash occurring when an action tried to access an object which was just

deleted from screen.

- Multimedia player shows dashes ("--:-- / --:--") now rather than an invalid time.

- Multimedia player goes to 'stop' state if end of playlist is reached and

loopmode is off. Before it stopped playing but e.g. play button stayed 'pressed'.

- Multimedia player does not create video object if it should play audio only. A

'shuffle' button outside of the multimedia player object can now be registered

with multimedia player.

- Many smaller fixes to make multimedia player operate more smoothly.

- OPUS A8 shows rotated camera images correctly, even for the portrait variant.

Camera handling of OPUS A3 and A6 is more reliable now - at the price of a 2

seconds delay before it becomes visible.

- Page history does not contain the same page consecutively anymore. This

could happen if a certain page was removed from history and the same page

was shown before and after the removed one.

- All hardware variable values are available in project init script already. Before

the values could arrive later. This fix does not increase startup time - we only

rearranged some initialization steps.

- '@FrequencyInput01' variable now works for devices providing such an input.

A 'jump to page' in project init script does not crash the application anymore.

- '@Revision' variable does not exist anymore - never found a reliable source

for the value.

- 'Light sensor limited to max value of 1000.

- '@BeeperClickOn' should work more reliable.

- Make digital output 3 writable.

- Invert logic of digital output loopback values (when 1 is set to digital output, the

loopback will also show 1 now).

- 'Traditional' string input with encoder instead of virtual keyboard works again

and does not crash the system anymore.

- New function key with the octagon is supported for all devices (i.e. it would

even work for e.g. OPUS A3 if it would send the respective keycode internally).

- If red error screen appears at startup it can now be confirmed with touch

screen. It still terminates PClient but doesn't crash it anymore.

- Removed check for touch calibration from all start scripts - BSP does that by

itself for