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Designing Page Content

A new project always comes with a page having a default page name. By following the next steps the page name can be changed.

Check the name Home Page in the project tree. (8)

The Home Page has been opened. (9)

In the Properties window change the page name into Gauges Page. (10)



In this tutorial, the basic page layout is given by a background image. To add a background image, open the Image Library tab (11), and use the Browse button (12) to add the folder where the tutorial images were saved. Then select the image Training Background1.png (13) and drag & drop it onto the gray frame in the virtual device (14). Select the Frame 1 and then Background Image.


Note that the image now has a suffix _480_272 in the file name . A new instance of the image in this resolution is automatically created.


hmtoggle_plus1Visualization of Received Values
hmtoggle_plus1Create a New Page
hmtoggle_plus1Define Navigation Between Pages
hmtoggle_plus1Let the User change the value


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